Unlike a standard essay, an essay has a number of specific requirements and rules for the presentation of the material. A small work can carry a tremendous sense in itself, prompting the reader to activate thought processes in both explicit and latent form.

The bias thus goes on philosophical reflections, conclusions are more abstract, and the narration implies a figurative expression of thought.

According to the structure of the literary composition, the essay opens the author complete freedom for the creative presentation of his or her view on a particular issue. Do you agree that to write a personal essay for college – this is not an easy task?

In most of their practice, teachers complain that students cannot rationally express their thoughts in such small writings as an essay. This is a problem for most students. And not only that – students also fall into this category.

Perhaps the requirements of teachers and teachers to write an essay and the requirements that they take into account during the test are too high, or can students not always diligently carry out such difficult paper? In any case, the fact is a fact: not everyone can get a satisfactory mark for writing an essay.

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